Стикер “Великан” от Вики

Това са точно моментите в които ми липсва че не съм на 5 - като видя някое от нещата които Вики Книш е сътворила. С всичко за големи вече съм се оборудвала така или инак.

Ето и на вас да разгледате, пък може и да си купите ако си имате дечица :)

What is your type?

I don’t recall I ever tried to classify what is my pro self, but reading a killer post from Will Critchlow, hit me immediately. According to Will,

  • Discoverers get their kicks from things like novelty, innovation, curiosity, learning
  • Implementers get their kicks from things like results, shipping, hustle, winning
  • Sharers get their kicks from things like recognition, feedback, training, fame

What are you? (asks a discoverer-sharer :))

Here is the whole post, and by the way I have both the paid account and bought quite many videos over the years, so it’s great! Go grab’em!

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It’s not everyday you get to hear from someone that’s worked on Google’s Search Quality/Webspam team and isn’t named Matt Cutts. But Andre Weyher, whose LinkedIn profile lists a two-year stint as a member of the search quality team, recently spoke with James Norquay, a…

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